Release-Title:————[ MXGP2-KaOs ]-
Language:—————–[ English ]-
Release/Size:————-[ 5.61GB ]-
Release/Date:————-[ 08-04-16 ]-
Ripped/Packed:————[ KaOsKrew ]-
Iso/Crack:—————-[ Codex ]-
Ripped/Removed:———–[ Nothing ]-
Movie/Recode:————-[ READNOTES ]-
Audio/Recode:————-[ Untouched ]-
Texture/Recode:———–[ Untouched ]-
Rebuild/Temp/Space:——-[ 37.8GB ]-
Final/Used/Space:———[ 15.9GB ]-
Drivers/Extras:———–[ Usual ]-

Step-1:——-[ Unrar Using Latest Winrar Or Equivilant ]-

Step-2:——-[ Click Install.exe
Select Install Location And Wait For The
Game Data To Be Extracted/Rebuilt ]-

Step-3:——-[ Use The Created Desktop Or Startmenu
Shortcut To Play ]-

Estimated Install Time:- 1 Hour 14 Mins HDD 2 SSD 8 Cores 4 Cores [ ]

Release Notes:

Contains Both x86 & X64 Versions Of The Game
(Adjust Your Shortcut)

Recode Notes:

Reduced Using HQ 3Pass Placebo And Took Almost A Day.
In Our Opinion There Is Very Little Noticeable Difference When
Compared To The Original.

Install Notes:

Depending On The Release One Or More Command Windows May Open
They Must Be Allowed To Finish And Should Not Be Closed Until
Otherwise Prompted.

We Recommend Installing To A Short Path As Games With Deep
Directory Structures Can Cause Missing Files.

Do Not Install To A Path With Invalid Characters Or The Game
Will Fail To Rebuild, Paths Like “Program Files (x86)”
Contain Brackets What Will Cause Issues With Some Games.
If In Doubt Use The Default Install Folder, The Game Can
Then Be Moved To A Prefered Location When Install/Rebuild Is

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